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Here's a Look Back at the 2023 HFES Aspire 67th International Annual Meeting

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

Wow! What a super awesome week the HFES 67th International Annual Meeting turned out to be. HFES really did turn our beloved annual conference into something to #ASPIRE to!

As part of the Human Factors Cast, this year our #HFUXResearch founder and host of our own Safe and Effective Podcast, Heidi Mehrzad, had the honor to join Nick Roome and Barry Kirby on the HFES #LiveStream coverage for the first time. For more than 5 hours, the trio talked about all things HFES. From squeezing in as much #TaylorSwift #SEO as possible, to interviews with attendees, HFES executives, panelists, and presenters, as well as students exploring and trying to learn more about the world of human factors and HFES, the trio really covered all things #HumanFactors. It really was just so amazing to hear from everyone sharing their experiences.

As a #BONUS, Heidi also participated in a panel discussion with Christy Harper, Amrita Sidhu Maguire, Melissa Meingast, and Andrew Muddimer, discussing the topic of Failure as a Path to Innovation and Resilient Outcomes.

While the panel focused on the impact of one's own personal definition and perception of failure and how such impacts all aspects of life, it also addressed how to reframe the way we see failure and its necessity for it to achieve professional and personal growth and progression. From sharing the latest insights on success and failure metrics in usability testing and project management, to revealing often very personal challenges and solutions on how to overcome failure, this panel covered a plethora of how the thinking of failure and success touches and directly impacts our professional and personal lives.

The panelists elucidated how failure is a necessary part of the #ScientificProcess and something we have to embrace as part of the #iterative #UserCenteredDesign process, and not fear and shy away from, as it is unavoidable. At the end the panelists drove home the message that sometimes the fear of failing holds us back from experimenting and exploring the unknown, hence stifling product, professional, and personal #innovation, #growth, and #evolution; as #success does not exists in the absence of failure and companies should support and celebrate failure as a step in the path toward innovation and #progression.

To hear more on the topic of failure and all its nuances, listen to our latest #SafeEffectivePodcast episode here:

Thank you to all for stopping by the Human Factors Cast booth and chatting with us, as well as all the fabulous and fun people who came to listen to our panel. We thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the #HFES #ASPIRE conference and already can't hardly wait until next year!

October 23 – 27, 2023 | Washington, D.C.

Please visit the HFES Annual Meeting event website for the full program.

And of course, check out our very own youngest future HF expert watching the livestream herself. This was too perfect not to share with everyone!

See you next year!

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