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Ep.007 Safe and Effective Podcast: Women in (Med)Tech in HF/UX

Updated: 5 days ago

Episode 007: We are back with our latest 'Let's Get Real' episode of the Safe and Effective Podcast, this time:

Women in (Med)Tech in HF/UX (ft. Rebecca Grier)

- Gender Equality and Other Issues in Behavioral Sciences: Human Factors and User Experience in (Med)Tech Industries

Join us in our latest episode, where we delve into a nuanced and multi-faceted conversation with Rebecca Grier, a behavioral science expert in human factors and UX in the tech industry, discussing the broader issues of inequities and inequalities faced by women in the workplace, with a focus on behavioral sciences in the Tech and MedDev industries, particularly in the realms of human factors (HF) and user experience (UX).

Together, we explore topics such as biases, advantages and disadvantages, the perception of HF and UX, their interrelationship, historical context, and their application across various industries and organizations. Drawing from our professional and personal experiences, we share insights into the challenges encountered by women in our careers, how the science of human factors has evolved and continuously reinvented itself over the past century, and how our special bond over our mutual love for data and statistics allows us to embrace our inner data geeks and have fun our own ‘scientist-y’ way. 

In a moment of candid reflection, we address the realities of misogyny and sexism, both subtle and overt, that we have encountered throughout our careers and lives, how we confronted them and prevailed, and how we remain hopeful for a future where the next generation of women can thrive in a genuinely gender-equal society.

Listen to the podcast here or on your favorite podcast platform.

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