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At HFUX  Research we consider it our priority to advocate for users and patients by verbalizing their needs, ensuring their safety, and elevating their user experience through innovative and intuitive human-focused design. 

Human factors isn't just a regulatory requirement; it is our

Our goal is to provide customized human factors and usability strategies and solutions tailored to meet each organization's research and development needs. We want to help our clients to achieve their human factors vision and usability goals and empower them to design and develop the safest and most effective products possible.

medical device development human factors engineering

​Whether you are looking to...

... discover our research, design, ENGINEER, and test services below and learn more about how we can help you in realizing your human factors vision and usability goals.

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HF Research


human factors abd user research

research it.


factors and user


...qualitative and quantitative

human factors and usability

research methods...

exploratory research

generative HF research

real use user research

observational field research

contextual inquiry

focus groups

use scenarios and personas

gap analyses

expert reviews

UX Design

user experience

and interface 


...diverse user experience and interface design approaches...

​UX, HCI, UID design

interaction design

GUI mockups and wireframes

hi and low fidelity prototyping

information architecture

device labeling and packaging,

instructions for use, quick reference

guides, and prescribing information

design it.


user experience and interface design
HF Engineering


human factors and usability engineering



factors and usability


...comprehensive human factors

and usability engineering...

HF and regulatory strategy 

HF plan and use specification

known use error and

use-related risk analyses (URRA)

task and workflow analyses

FDA, IEC 62366, and

MDR alignment and adherence

gap and threshold analyses

HFE FDA and MDR reporting

Usability Testing

usability and



...wide-ranging user and

usability testing methods...

​remote usability testing

formative usability testing 

summative usability validation

heuristic evaluations

A/B directional testing

agile usability testing

usability benchmark

comparative use testing

cognitive walkthroughs


test it.

human factors and usability evaluation and testing


medical device and combination product FDA human factors
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