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Ep.002 Safe and Effective Podcast: Human Factors in MedDev Design & Engineering (ft. Maggie Reiff)

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Episode 002: In this episode our host, Heidi Mehrzad, talked with Maggie Reiff. Together they bring you a multifaceted conversation about #HumanFactors in #MedicalDeviceDevelopment from the unique perspective of a #DeviceEngineer. Maggie talks about her experience with integrating human factors into the #MedicalDevice engineering process and some lessons she has learned along the way. They also discuss the intricacies of making a case for implementation of human factors into the device design and engineering process and how to keep ahead of the game when leadership pushes back on #Usability test results they don’t agree with.

Additionally, we provide a sneak preview of our next episode in which we address the everlasting debate of quantitative vs. qualitative data in human factors research and how it is manifested in the medical device development industry, including guidances and regulations.

Listen to the podcast here or on your favorite podcast platform.

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