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We're Back - HFUX joins the Human Factors Cast and Show: This week 'Road Rage Meets Robo-Cars'

Episode 282: On this episode the human factors cast discover how road rage affects your #driving and the potential impact on #selfdriving #cars. They also answer some questions from the human factors cast community that include where to find real projects to work for free, explaining #UXResearch to middle school students, and seeking guidance when feeling lost.

The cast also briefly touches on what to expect in the soon premiering first episode of the new Safe and Effective podcast!

As always, HFUX Research would like to thank Nick Roome. For allowing our #founder and #ceo Heidi Mehrzad to join the Human Factors Cast.

Listen in to know more on how road rage really affects your driving – and the self-driving cars of the future.

Listen to the podcast here or watch the show on YouTube here.

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