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HFUX joins the The Medical Sales Accelerator Podcast

Episode 146: On this episode of the Medical Sales Accelerator Podcast our CEO, and founder, Heidi Mehrzad, joined their cast and had the opportunity to spread the #humanfactors and #usabilityengineering message in the #MedDev industry to the folks that might not be faced with it every day, or even every week or month.

In the interview, Heidi unveils the common areas where many innovators fall short and explores how human factors can enhance their efficiency in moving forward. Additionally, they delve into the dynamics between users and the device user interface, showcasing instances where even slight adjustments to the product design can significantly influence the success of a device and the entire direction of a company's position within the market.

HFUX Research would like to thank Zed Williamson and Clark Wiederhold for allowing Heidi Mehrzad to join the Medical Sales Accelerator Podcast.

Listen in and advance your #medicaldevice and #productdevelopment, as well as your sales strategy thinking by applying #humanfactors and #usability #research, #design, #engineering, and #development.

Listen to the podcast here.

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