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Ep.006 Safe and Effective Podcast: The Human (Factor) in the Neurodivergent Experience

Updated: Jun 18

Episode 006: In this episode of Safe and Effective we are featuring an excerpt of the previously recorded Human Factors Cast show in which Nick Roome and our host Heidi Mehrzad shared their personal experiences living with ADHD and AuDHD/ASD and discussed the various ways in which their neurodiversity impacts their lives. From professional to personal relationships to day to day tasks and lives, as well as how they see the world through their neurodivergent eyes.

Of course, as ADHDer’s would, they go off on many side tangents discussing ADHD and parenting, AuDHD in social interactions, and even take a sharp left turn and dive into the deeper meaning of unconditional love, how they personally define it, and how they have learned and experienced it throughout their lives.

Our vision for this episode is simple: sit back, relax, enjoy their chaotic and often times, let’s face it, hilarious conversation about anything and everything, and know that you are not alone in your neurodivergent mind.

And please remember, you are worthy of love, you are enough, and your neurodivergent mind does not make you a burden.

And for all the neurotypicals listening out there, we hope you enjoy their beautiful zig zag conversation about how their minds work and process the world around them, and maybe, who knows, you learn something today that will allow you to gain a new or changed perspective and enable you to connect deeper with the neurodivergent people in your lives.

Enjoy a very typical ADHD-all-over-the-place-wonderfully-and-deeply-amusing-chat on their very own, deeply personal, daily neurodivergent experience in a world made for neurotypicals.

Listen to the podcast here or on your favorite podcast platform.

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