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Ep.005 Safe and Effective Podcast: Failure as a Path to Innovation & Resilient Outcomes

Episode 005: Join us in our latest episode of Safe and Effective, in which we launch our newest segment ‘Let’s Get Real’ - where we drop all filters and stop masking and get real about special and sometimes sensitive topics and issues.

In our first ever Let’s Get Real segment our host Heidi Mehrzad talks with Christy Harper, usability expert and co-founder of End-to-End User Research, about

Failure as a Path to Innovation and Resilient Outcomes.

Together, we venture into the often avoided topic of failure (and vulnerability) and how it's multifaceted definitions and the perception of such across cultures and individual thinking play a crucial role, not just in device innovation, research, and design and development, but also in our personal and professional lives and growth. They dig deep into how our often limited view and definition of failure (and vulnerability) can sneak into our lives very subtly, but then influence every aspect of it full on. From personal relationships to work relationships, from life aspirations to career ambitions, from innovation to product and medical device research and development, failure and how we define it will nearly always dictate our outcomes.

For a moment, we get real, real uncomfortable - we promise it won’t hurt - talking about failure and how our definitions and thinking around it limits not just innovation, but our entire lives.

Listen to the podcast here or on your favorite podcast platform.

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