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HFUX Research is hiring! Connect with us at the 2023 HFES International Health Care Symposium!

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

Human Factors and Usability Genius

We are #hiring! If you know human factors and get a kick out of the medical device, tech, and combination product development world, then we want to speak with you!

Connect with us and learn more about #HFUXResearch at the 2023 HFES International Health Care Symposium March 26 - 29 in Orlando, Florida - you can find us at tabletop 15 in the Grand Caribbean Ballroom!

At HFUX Research we realize that there is no one ‘cookie-cutter’ solution for all. That is why we believe in providing customized #humanfactors and #usability strategies and solutions tailored to fit every client’s individual research and development needs.

We are not your average consulting firm, and we are not looking for the average consultant. At HFUX Research we consider it our priority to advocate for users and patients by verbalizing their needs, ensuring their safety, and elevating their user experience through innovative and intuitive, human-focused design.

Human factors is not just a regulatory requirement to us; it is our philosophy! If you get excited about applying and advancing your human factors and usability engineering knowledge and you want to work on an inclusive, collaborative team, we want to meet you!

Your Mission

Be the best Human Factors Engineer you can be! We #HFE people all strive to continuously learn and improve, and if you do too, you’ll fit right in!

The Left and Right Hemisphere

At this point in your career, you know a lot about human factors and usability, and whether the focus is research, engineering, design, testing, analysis, or stats, we don’t need to give you the lay of the HFE land anymore. You eat, sleep, and breathe human factors – HFE from A to Z – you know it!

Your Impressive Skills

You’re a leader, you are curious, and you have an ambitious growth mindset. You love to strategize what a client’s best options are, and you never get bored with trying to find an alternative method, tool, or design to optimize a product’s usability.

You regularly keep up on FDA, ISO, and MDR guidelines and standards.

You love brainstorming the best path forward for a client and their product – your brain goes into overdrive a few minutes into talking about a project.

You earned one of those fancy HF degrees and have evangelized the miracles of human factors since before the FDA guidance came out. The initial draft guidance, that is.

You can operate outside of your comfort zone. You enjoy communicating with people, even in ambiguous and new spaces, and maybe even in another language. Global clients and international travel are not novelties to you.


  • Advanced degree (Master's or above) in Human Factors Engineering and/or similar (Biomedical Engineering or Human Centered Design) required.

  • Minimum 3 years of experience in the medical device development industry as a human factors practitioner.

  • Demonstratable expertise with IEC 62366, ISO 14971, and MDR.

If this is you, then you are our kind of people!

Let’s Connect at #HFESHCS!

Email us your resume or CV! We are excited to learn more about you. If your skills, experience, and interests seem like a match, we’ll reach out to connect and schedule a chat!

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